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Engaging ASEAN Governments on Human Rights Education

The Working Group for an ASEAN Human Rights Mechanism, in coordination with the Asia Pacific Regional Resource Center for Human Rights Education (ARRC), held a "Roundtable Discussion on Engaging ASEAN Governments on Human Rights Education" on 23-25 March 2006 at Bangkok, Thailand. Some of the aims of the RTD were to take stock of Human Rights Education (HRE) programs/initiatives in ASEAN, identify strategies or possible engagements with ASEAN governments, and recommend possible HRE initiatives in ASEAN.

The RTD identified both regional and national goals on HRE. Following are the goals identified for the ASEAN region:

  1. Compliance with international HRE standards, e.g. World Programme for HRE
  2. Strengthening of the dialogue/engagement between ASEAN, the United Nations, and other partners regarding Human Rights and the right-based approach, and HRE in ASEAN
  3. Establishment of an ASEAN Regional HRE Training and Resource Center
  4. Development and Implementation of Joint ASEAN HRE projects
  5. Creation of an ASEAN Committee on HRE

For the national goals on HRE, the following were identified:

  1. Adoption of a national HRE plan
  2. Adoption of HRE policies and programs for schools, critical government agencies, and the general public
  3. Establishment of mechanisms for dialogue between and among Government and HRE providers
  4. Encourage creation of national human rights institutions

The RTD was attended by participants from regional organizations engaged in HRE in the region, by the national human rights institutions in ASEAN and by members of the Working Group.

During the Working Group's meeting with the ASEAN Senior Officials on Vientiane, Lao P.D.R. last July 2005, the Working Group was tasked to help in implementing the human rights program areas of the Vientiane Action Programme, particularly "promoting education and public awareness on human rights in the region."

For more details on the outcome of the RTD, please click on the Report of the RTD on Engaging ASEAN.