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  1. Any bad faith allegation or imputation of a given fact which harms the honour or reputation of an individual is a defamation. The original publication or reproduction of the allegation or imputation is punishable, even if it refers to a person who is not explicitly named but whose identity is made evident from the defamatory speech, shout, threat, writing, printing, sign, poster, or audiovisual dissemination. Any allegation or imputation against a public figure which the author, the journalist, publisher, editor, or producer knows to be false and nevertheless distributes, publishes, writes or circulates with malicious intent is also a defamation.
  2. Any insult, contemptuous remark or abusive language which does not claim to impute fact constitutes libel.
  3. Defamation or libel made by one of the means listed in article 59 shall be punished by imprisonment of eight days to one year, a fine of one million to ten million Riel, or both.