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Working Group Statement on the ASEAN Declaration on the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Migrant Workers

The ASEAN Declaration on the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Migrant Workers is a positive step in safeguarding the fundamental rights and dignity of migrant workers across the region. While the Declaration does not contain concrete and specific terms on how to implement its provisions, the Working Group for an ASEAN Human Rights Mechanism (Working Group) sees it as a significant move towards the creation of a sectoral mechanism or instrument that can further promote and protect the rights of
migrant workers as envisioned by the Vientiane Action Programme.

The Working Group supports all efforts of ASEAN and its member countries in promoting and protecting the rights of migrant workers. This could very well be done so through a regional human rights mechanism, or at least through a sectoral human rights mechanism on migrant workers.

At present, the Working Group is conducting a research study that looks into the situation of migrant workers in the region, and analyzes laws and policies on migrant workers at regional and country levels. It will also consider the commonalities and differences of protection measures in ASEAN countries, and the strengths and limitations of these measures. The goal is to come up with recommendations on the shape and substance of the ASEAN migrant workers instrument, including the appropriate process by which it may be realized and implemented.

We are encouraged by ASEAN’s commitment to submit an annual report on the process of the implementation of the Declaration to the Summit. We also look forward to further work with ASEAN on strengthening mechanisms of promotion and protection of all human rights, including those of migrant workers.